How to Create a Campaign

Creating a campaign on is easy, so you will have your first campaign up in no time.  Just follow these simple instructions.

Logon at using the credentials that you were assigned.

Login Screen

Click the green + New Campaign button

Create your campaign:

1. Enter the Campaign Display Name. This is displayed on the top line of the web form and not sent in the email.

2. Enter the Targeted Leaders Display Name. This is the second line of the web form and not used in email.

3. Enter the Recipients, a comma separated list of emails.

4. Enter the email subject line in Subject 1. You can disregard the other Subject lines for now (future use)

5. Enter the email message in Message 1. You can disregard the other Message lines for now (future use).

Many keyboard characters are supported, but not all of them. Feel free to add whatever you want, but always view the resulting email before publishing the link.
Warning: The more non-standard characters you use, the more likely your message will be flagged as SPAM.

6. Click the blue Submit button. If there are any entries that need to be fixed, the app will let you know.

If you are the first administrator for your organization, we have loaded a sample campaign into your account. Feel free to delete it when you are finished checking it out.

Back on the main Campaigns page, you will see your new campaign at the top. To preview the web page, simply click on the top link (highlighted in blue) in the ID field. This is a valid link for you to use, but if you are sending out the link in a text message, it would be better to use the second link labeled short link. If you click this link it will load into your clipboard for you to paste.

Dashboard Overview

If you have any questions, we are just an email away!