Change Government & Corporate Policy Using Our Exclusive Web Application

Email is the proven way to get your tribe to take action on any issue. We built a unique web application to make it easy to get your message out to decision makers in one button click.

ContactReps is the easiest & most effective way for constituents to make an impact at the local, corporate & governmental level

Sending messages from your own members’ email clients is the most effective way to reach your representatives. The messages will inbox at a higher rate, and the recipients will see individual email addresses and domain names for a more personal experience.  Bulk emails from one server are frequently treated as spam and even blocked by some companies.


Truly Engage Your Tribe

They will make a difference like never before. Bind them to your cause for a lasting relationship.

Legal Protection

Shield yourself from liability as personal data such as names and emails are never collected or stored.

No Training Required

Onboard your administrator in a few minutes to an intuitive admin console. No complex setup or learning needed.

Built for Scalability

Send a dozen or tens of thousands of emails. You decide the impact.

Experience the power and simplicity

Your organization crafts a message to make it easier and quicker for your constituents to take action.  They can still personalize their messages if they desire. The subject, recipients and message are preloaded when they click the link and visit our site branded to your organization. Say whatever you want. Many activism platforms want you to send a pre-written message about a specific topic. We let you tell your story the way you want to say it.

Simple Steps to Change Policy

What can ContactReps
do for you?

Trusted by leading organizations to deliver their most important messages to decision makers

"ContactReps is an incredible tool that has been a game changer for our grassroots organization! It is easy to use both from an organization and user standpoint. It has effortlessly increased our ability to communicate with decision makers in volume while keeping our outreach personal. This company is friendly, professional, and experts in their field. I highly recommend ContactReps!"

Empower your people to stand up for your group using their own devices - Request a demo today

Get an interactive demo of the user and administrative functions in ContactReps to fully understand the power at your fingertips. We are here to assist and guide you throughout the simple process.

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